Emerald assists growers to streamline the administration involved in their marketing decisions.

Growers who warehouse their grain with Emerald can then assess market conditions and time their sale to suit their needs.

Once a marketing decision has been made and authorisation provided, Emerald can facilitate the change in ownership via the title transfer process.

Emerald provides two flexible options for this process explained in the how to section below.

Consistent with our approach to provide growers full traceability of stock, all transfers are linked back to original delivery tickets.

Service charges are triggered upon completion of a title transfer as below:

Grower to client title transfer

  • Accumulated storage charges are invoiced to the grower
  • Receival and title transfer charges are invoiced to the client

Grower to grower title transfer

  • Title transfer charges are invoiced to the new grower
  • Liability for receival and for accumulated storage charges pass to the new grower

For more details on service charges see Emerald Warehouse Terms and Conditions in the Grower Downloads section.

How to:

Title transfer via your secure login to the service centre

  • Enter your title transfer details and submit.
  • The buyer must accept the title transfer in order for the transaction to be executed.


Our customer service team can facilitate title transfers for you.

Complete your details on the Emerald Grain Grower Warehouse Title Transfer form.

Press the submit button which will then email the request to customerservice@emeraldgrain.com. Alternatively, press the print button and then fax to 03 9274 8898 or visit your local site office.

A signed authorisation from the grower is preferred. However, title transfers can be submitted over the phone by contacting our grower service line on 1800 255 426.

When you have asked Emerald to facilitate your title transfer it will be processed within the following timeframes:

  • The date of transfer is the date received by Emerald before 4pm on a business day.
  • Transfers received after 4pm will be transferred the next business day.
  • Growers and clients can undertake transfers via the Emerald service entre any time.
  • A title transfer is completed only when approved by the buyer in the Emerald service centre.