Growers who warehouse their grain with Emerald can now transfer to a marketers active cash price. Cash prices are live and can be changed by marketers at any time.

In the online service centre, a grower can easily transfer via the following process:

  •  Check that the client has an active cash price for the warehouse stock you intend to transfer.
  • In the service centre select your parcel and then the tickets you intend to transfer.
  • Then select the marketer who has the active cash price, select the “Selling Option” of “Daily Cash Price”.
  • The cash amount on offer will appear on the screen below the contract number field.
  • Accept the cash price by selecting next and then submit.
  • You will receive a receipt number for your transfer.

Note: Not all marketers with an active cash price will offer to purchase warehouse tonnage. If the daily cash price selling option does not appear, the marketer is not offering this selling option.

This service is only available for online transfers in the service centre due to the live nature of cash pricing.