The Rochester Technology Hub is a resource of technical expertise and specialised knowledge available for all stakeholders involved in the Emerald Grain supply chain. The Hub is integral in maintaining Emerald Grain’s continuous devotion to quality and service excellence.

The Rochester Technology Hub provides the equipment and training for grain quality management relating to the receival, storage and outturn of grain from Emerald Grain’s receival sites. The Technology Hub is equipped with a state of the art laboratory that is pivotal in maintaining Emerald’s ISO Accreditation. The Hub also actively assists sites in servicing and calibrating quality testing equipment, as well as offering technical support for all quality systems implemented within the Emerald Grain network. The Rochester facility is responsible for maintaining and executing all fumigation procedures throughout the Emerald Grain network.

Encompassing Emerald Grain’s strong customer focus, for both growers and clients, The Hub actively works towards setting itself at the forefront of technology and service, providing tailored solutions to meet a variety of customer needs. The Hub offers a vast variety of in-house testing, including the use of Near Infra-Red (NIR) technology and germination testing, to determine factors such as the moisture, protein, skinnings, test weight, malting quality and oil contents of grains and seeds. The Hub also offers a variety of external testing procedures to analyse a range of other quality determining factors such as flour rheology, free fatty acid testing, GMO presence, mycotoxin and pesticide residue testing.

If you would like to enquire about any of the services provided by The Technology Hub, for either external or internal customers, or gather more information regarding Emerald Grain’s training and conference capabilities, please contact Steve Buick via email on

The Rochester Technology Hub is located at 45 Moore St Rochester VIC 3561.


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