The recent expansion into Central Queensland by grain marketer Philp Brodie Grain reached a milestone this week with the company exporting its first shipment of locally grown wheat to Indonesia from Gladstone. Around 4,000 tonnes of the bulk wheat loaded onto MV Global Dawn on Tuesday was grown on Ross, Diane, Jonathan and Xander Armstrong’s property near Emerald. The Armstrongs were guests of the Philp Brodie grain team which visited Gladstone Port to witness the company’s milestone.

The shipment of Australian Standard White wheat will be milled in Indonesia by Sriboga Flour Mill for use in noodles or steamed bread buns. Philp Brodie Grain General Manager Tom Howard said the shipment represented a significant milestone for the company. “Last year Philp Brodie Grain dedicated two grain merchants to Central Queensland in order to give growers more choice in their grain marketing options,” Mr Howard said.

“Our first shipment out of Gladstone Port reflects the international demand for grain from Central Queensland’s grain growers.”

Mr Howard said the firm’s grain marketing and logistics team has done a great job working alongside growers to secure this first shipment. “South East Asia’s demand for quality milling wheat from Central Queensland is increasing. We expect many more Philp Brodie Grain shipments to leave Gladstone in the future.”

The Armstrongs worked with Philp Brodie Grain to deliver 4,000 tonnes of wheat to Gladstone Port directly from their on-farm storage. “Helping growers deliver directly to port provides cost savings for the grower and the grain marketer,” Mr Howard said.

Mr Ross Armstrong said he was pleased to see the results of a season of hard work. “It’s great to actually see the other side of the grain export process. We grow the grain and dispatch it from farm but don’t always get to see further down the supply chain.

“We invested in on-farm storage to help us achieve efficiencies during harvest. It cuts out unnecessary double handing of grain and allows us to capture more value from what we grow. “Philp Brodie Grain showed great initiative to secure the shipment and source and shift the grain.” “We look to deal with companies like Philp Brodie Grain who are buying and shifting the physical commodity instead of just focussing on the ‘paper’ trade,” Mr Armstrong said.