Emerald Grain has confirmed it will continue to receive milling-grade wheat from grain growers with a 74 kg/hl test weight this season.

Emerald Grain Group General Manager – Supply Chain & Operations John Warda said the move is in response to grower concern around changes to receival standards, which raised the test weight standard for milling grades by 2 kg/hl.

“We have spoken to growers around NSW and Victoria about the issue, and the fear is a 76kg/hl test weight requirement could cause a small amount of grain deliveries to be downgraded, resulting in a potential financial loss to their business.

“We looked at our historical delivery data and have determined we can manage the risk of accepting milling grade wheat at 74kg/hl to ensure growers are not left short,” Mr Warda said.

“On the other hand, we will outturn grain to customers at 76 kg/hl to ensure we continue to supply the highest quality grains.

“Grain buying customers want to receive milling wheats at higher test weight levels, and Emerald will guarantee outturns to the new Grain Trade Australia trading standards.”

He said Emerald Grain’s accumulation partners, Southern Ag Grain in NSW and SQP Grain in Victoria, would communicate the news directly to grower customers in the coming weeks.

“Emerald Grain, Southern Ag Grain and SQP Grain are committed to providing superior service to grain growers – this means we must remain flexible and respond to any wider issues as they arise.”

He said Emerald Grain, Southern Ag Grain and SQP Grain will host grower information meetings at its 15 Grain Storage and Handling sites across NSW and Victoria prior to harvest.

Emerald Grain offers a fully integrated supply chain with 1.5 million tonnes of grain storage capacity and the 1.4 million tonne grain export facility at Melbourne Port Terminal.

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