Thank you to everyone who took part in Emerald Grain’s annual grower survey through our regional brands Philp Brodie Grain, EP Grain, Sturt Grain, Emerald WA, or through our joint venture customers Southern Ag Grain and SQP Grain. We had more than 800 responses from grain growers across Australia and we are using this valuable feedback to help improve our service to you.

Below are some of the initial results to give you an insight into what we learnt.


So how did you rate our performance?

You appreciate having access to a dedicated grain merchant within your local grain growing region.
Emerald Grain is the only Australian grain business with a track record putting more local people on the ground in grain growing regions.  While other companies are reducing their local presence, we are building on it – we have opened four new regional offices in the past 18 months. This is because we know the availability of face-to-face contact is important when you are making marketing decisions.

When you deal with us, you want to make sure you are dealing with a business that is financially secure.
Emerald Grain is 100 per cent owned and backed by Sumitomo, one of the world’s largest trading houses. In the 2012-13 Financial Year, Sumitomo had a net income equivalent to AUD $2.65 billion, which is about twice the net income of ADM. Not only do we have financial strength, but we have big plans to invest in more storages and ports in the future to create our own national and global grain footprint. This means better access to efficient supply chains and more competition for your grain.

You are generally happy with the frequency of information we provide to you.
For those of you who are looking for weekly, monthly, or seasonal information geared to your personal cropping strategy – we will be introducing this service to you in 2014. We have already introduced the “Market Insider” – a daily morning email from your local grain merchant to give you the local and international market information you need to help you make your grain marketing decisions.

You want to make sure we are sticking to our word.
Trust is the foundation of any good relationship and you want to make sure we are trustworthy. Most of you have a great relationship with your local grain merchant, but we know there is more we can do to exceed your expectations as a grain marketing partner. In the next six months we will further refine our suite of cash-based grain marketing tools and ensure they are completely transparent. They will continue to be geared to help you manage risk, cash flow and timing of payment.

Through our network of local brands and joint-ventures Emerald Grain is absolutely committed to grain growers across Australia. Thank you again for taking the time to complete the survey. If you have any further questions about the results, your local office will be happy to assist.

Congratulations to our prize winners Alister and Brian Woods from Victoria!

Every grain grower who completed our 2014 survey went in the draw for the chance to win either a pallet of glyphosate, or a $4,500 voucher for Paspaley pearls.

Alister and Brian Woods from Victoria’s Western District were drawn as winners on Thursday, 13 February. They chose to receive 2X $2,250 Paspaley vouchers to split between their lucky partners.

Victorian grower Alistair Woods receives the Paspaley voucher from SQP Grain Merchant Tim Hayes

Victorian grower Alistair Woods receives the Paspaley voucher from SQP Grain Merchant Tim Hayes