What a whirlwind the past few months have been since announcing the WIAA 100. Many women have touched base with Emerald Grain and Fairfax Farmonline to ask about what’s next for WIAA and when the big event we promised is going to be held.

Well the truth is, we have so much planned it is hard to know where to begin:


A conference is being planned in October/November that will focus around the big issues facing women in agriculture, this can include:
•    A panel session that delves into the future of agribusiness from industry leaders
•    A panel session about the role women are playing in agriculture and what this looks like in the future
•    A session highlighting what the WIAA100 believe is the big issue facing agriculture
•    Workshops regarding the digital landscape in agriculture
•    A session about the role of news in the agribusiness space and the big stories we can look out for in the coming months
•    Case studies from the WIAA100 – what worked, what didn’t
•    And much more

We are very excited to announce the RIRDC Rural Women’s Award will be working with Fairfax and Emerald on key components of the event. There are many synergies between WIAA and RIRDC Rural Women’s Award and we look forward to seeing where this relationship leads in the future.

The conference will be extended to all women, but will feature special activities for the WIAA100.

If you are a woman in the agriculture industry who would like to attend our major event please REGISTER NOW.


Farmonline have continued to profile some of the amazing women doing amazing things in Fairfax Agricultural Media’s titles – The Land, Queensland Country Life, the North Queensland Register, Stock & Land, Stock Journal and Farm Weekly – in print and online.

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For more information about WIAA100 contact Jenelle Backman: jbackman@emeraldgrain.com or subscribe the the WIAA 100 newsletter