Emerald Grain has kept its storage and handling charges at its Country sites unchanged for the second consecutive year. Emerald CEO David Johnson believes that in a low price environment, keeping storage fees as competitive as possible will be important for growers delivering to the storage system.

Growers will also be offered a free storage period when delivering into Emerald Grain facilities at harvest up until 1st February 2017.

Emerald CEO David Johnson believes this additional period of free storage should provide customers more time to carefully consider their marketing decisions.

Emerald will also be extending Fast Pay ( 48 hour payment guarantee) terms to growers who deliver to Melbourne Port Terminal as of January 1st 2017.

Mr Johnson said this is a logical extension of their industry leading Fast Pay offer to growers delivering to country facilities and also selling to Emerald Grain.

“Emerald has had in excess of fifty buyers of grain at its sites during the year” said Mr Johnson, providing growers with significant sales liquidity. This has allowed over ninety nine per cent of the grain received into the system to be sold during the year.  “Growers should feel confident that there is a great depth of buying interest for their grain post-harvest”.

Emerald grain storages will have new receival  machinery in its fleet this harvest to improve grower turnaround times. Emerald will be using harvest rail and road movements to Melbourne Port Terminal to maximise sites receival efficiency and improve grower delivery times.

“Our supply chain team have been planning for a large harvest for some time and we are confident in their ability to provide fast turn-around times for growers this harvest.

Please contact our merchants for tailored solutions in relation to delivery, marketing and quality profile of your expected harvest deliveries.

Growers can attend upcoming meetings for more information on harvest delivery details.

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