View your acquisition and movement files online

Emerald’s grain system provides interface files for all acquisitions and movements transactions to allow clients to integrate these with their own stock / trading systems.

View Acquisition and Movement Files (use the function – Owner Documents)

Document Type

Use the search function to find a selection of acquisitions and movement files. The file types are dependent upon your client configurations (see below). Files can then be opened and / or saved.

In the service centre administration function clients can nominate:

The delivery method of the files:

  • Emailed to a designated email address (coming soon)
  • Self-serve via the service centre

The format of the files:

  • Emerald Grain standard file formats
  • Agreed variations

Emerald Grain’s standard acquisition and movement file format is consistent with previous years:

Emerald Grain’s standard acquisition file can also be configured to include the following types of transactions:

  • Line type ACQ includes grower receivals and grower to client title transfers. This format is consistent with previous years.
  • Line type CLR includes client receivals. This is a new function.
  • Line type CTI & CTO includes client to client title transfers in and out. This is a new function.