Emerald gives Growers the option to make direct grain donations to Foodbank’s NGR.

Emerald Grain is happy to support Foodbank again this year, helping to raise awareness of Foodbank and how their support of rural communities, with Michael from Foodbank attending several of the Emeralds Grower Meetings throughout Victoria and New South Wales, giving him the opportunity to speak directly with growers about Foodbank and their Grain Program.


Foodbank website


Foodbank is Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation, providing food and groceries for 166,000 meals a day for distribution to Australians in need of assistance via 2,400 front line charities and 1,500 schools. However, there are still many people who suffer in silence and bridging the gap is crucial as the impact of food relief is both immediate and far-reaching. According to a Foodbank study into the social return on investment of its activities, food security not only addresses immediate nutrition needs but also contributes to improvements in health, emotional wellbeing and, ultimately, overall standards of living. Combined with environmental savings, the benefit to the community that flows from every kilogram of food distributed by Foodbank is $23. For children, that figure rises to $110.

Whilst the national crop will be down on the bumper crop forecast of only a few weeks ago as a consequence of recent flooding across the southern states, it is hoped that grain growers will continue to support Foodbank by making a grain donation this harvest.  Just half a tonne of grain can provide more than 3000 serves of cereal, and with more than a third of food distributed by Foodbank going to rural and regional Australia, your donation will be helping families in farming communities who are doing it tough.  As outlined in Foodbank’s Grain Program flyer, your donation can be big or small, and can be made at any time during harvest using Foodbank’s NGR.  Tax donation receipts can be provided for the weight of the donation.  For further information about Foodbank Australia please click here.