Grain Mate makes doing business with Emerald simple and easy, any time of the day on any device you choose.

For growers that use our Storage & Handling facilities the new features of Harvest Cash Prices, Site Information including truck turnaround times can now be accessed without the need to login. Once you do log in selling via a contract or transferring against any of the marketing options has never been this simple.

What are the benefits of using Grain Mate?

Digital: Grain Mate allows you to easily log in on any Smart Phone, Tablet or Desktop computer.

Contracting:  You can contract your grain through Grain Mate, if we are in the market for the grade you want to sell and happy with the price that is being display you can simply click on the ‘SELL’ button and follow the prompts.

Prices: In Grain Mate you are able to manage your pricing preferences, by site, grade and season you are most interested in. This will allow you to view pricing through Grain Mate or receive your preferred pricing via email daily.

Payments: Grain Mate houses all your historical contracts and payment paperwork you have with Emerald Grain, you are able to view the details and download the documents. For growers who use our Emerald Storage Sites.

For growers who use our Emerald Storage Sites

Title Transfer: Execute your marketing decisions quickly using Grain Mate to transfer to a Cash Price, Emerald contract, another buyers contract, to a pool or another delivery card.

Delivery Summary: Track and reconcile all your deliveries to Emerald with a list of every Grower Receival, the ticket details, if sold who to and what remains in warehouse.


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