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Growers now have a single online system called Grain Mate which makes doing business with Emerald simple and easy, any time of the day on any device you choose.

Grain Mate allows you to set your pricing preferences, sell grain online, access your contract and payment paperwork and lots more.  Growers in the south east of Australia who store their grain with Emerald can also manage their warehouse grain through Grain Mate.

If you are interested in learning more about how Grain Mate can help you, click here to see is there is an Grain Mate Workshop near you.

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The new functionality allows Brokers to log in to their growers Grain Mate. With one simple log in you can have access to a number of their clients Grain Mate accounts.

To access this functionality please complete and return the following forms to Grower Services ( for processing.

The Authority to Act form needs to be completed and signed by the Broker and each of their clients.
The Appointment of Authorised Party form needs to be completed and signed by the Broker.

* Please note: We require the growers Payee ID to be used when completing these forms.
For NSW/VIC/SA/QLD this is their unique Payee ID as found on their payment paperwork and is different to the NGR delivery card number.

Customers & Carriers

Customers and Carriers who use Emerald’s Storage and Handling services located in the south east of Australia can manage their stocks through the Service Centre.

Need Assistance?

If you would like assistance in using any of our online systems please call 1300 880 432