View your stock information online

Emerald’s grain system is a real time web based application so the stock information you see in the service centre is as up-to-date as Emerald Grain’s internal systems. One system, one database for all users. For example; as a truck leaves the weighbridge on a grower receival, that transaction can be viewed in the service centre and the associated stock information will be adjusted.

The stock holding function allows you to filter your stock records by:

  • Owner (NGR card number
  • Site, Season, Commodity and grade

You can also include / exclude rows that have zero entitled tonnes.

The information displayed in the grid can be sorted by any column by clicking on the column heading; it can then be sorted ascending or descending by the arrows. It can also be downloaded into Excel.

For each combination of Site/Season/Commodity/Grade the following columns of information are provided:

  • Received Tonnes
  • Transfers In Progress Tonnes
  • Transferred Tonnes
  • Regraded Tonnes
  • Outturned Tonnes
  • Outturn Tonnes Remaining
  • Adjusted Tonnes
  • Entitled Tonnes
  • Available Tonnes

For each of the rows listed a select hyperlink is available that allows a drilldown into the transactions that are associated with that row.