Emerald’s grain system provides a number of functions and features to assist clients in the management of title transfers whether they are acting as a seller or a buyer. In the service centre administration function clients can nominate features including the email address for notifications and whether automatic acceptance of grower and/or client title transfers is turned on/off.

The following combinations of title transfer are possible:

  • Grower to grower
  • Grower to client
  • Client to client
  • Client to grower (currently switched off)

The manage title transfer function will present the client three options:

Create a new title transfer

View submitted transfers (you acting as a seller)

View pending transfers (you acting as a buyer).

Creating a new title transfer involves selecting the tonnage and grades of a single commodity, the buyer, contract details and a confirmation. The seller will be advised by email. The title transfer will be in a status of pending approval (unless automatic acceptance is turned on) and can be viewed by the submitted transfer function. At any stage up to the point of acceptance the seller can (change the title transfers details – currently turned off) or cancel it.

Upon receiving the email notification the buyer can view pending transfers and either approve or decline them, either way a notification email is sent to the seller.

Grower title transfers operate in a similar manner however an additional step is required to identify the specific grower receival transactions that make up this title transfer.

There is no system function for reversal of title transfers after they have been accepted by the seller. The buyer and seller may however, agree to enter into another title transfer in the reverse to offset the original title transfer.

All buyers and sellers must be registered users of Emerald grain’s service centre for a title transfer to be completed.