Operating within the port precinct we can maximise the amount packed into a container, with in excess of 25 mt of wheat per 20’ container regularly achieved.

Clients who wish to export grain in containers should liaise with the customer service team about their packing and shipping requirements. Emerald will then confirm its capacity within the shipping window to allow for accumulation of stock, packing and export preparation.

Emerald provides a number of flexible options to assist clients to instigate and monitor all aspects of the supply chain process via the following facilities explained in thehow to section below.

How to:

Step 1 Advise our customer service team of your container export requirements via call on 03 9274 8880 or email customerservice@emeraldgrain.com.

Emerald will liaise with you to advise operational capacity resulting in confirmation or adjustment for your requirements.

Step 2 Advise our customer service team of your commodity accumulation requirements via either the Emerald Commodity Receival Order or Emerald Site to Site Movement Order.

Step 3 Monitor progress of your orders via your secure login to the service centre:

  • View stock position
  • View transaction movements against your orders

At any stage call our customer service team on 03 9274 8880 to discuss current or planned container exports or for assistance with any of the above options.