Opened in 2000, the Emerald Melbourne Port Terminal is one of the most modern bulk grain export facilities in Australia.

Offering 24/7 cargo accumulation and ship loading service we can turnaround vessels quickly. Cargoes can be accumulated from either road or rail transport at up to 1,000 tonnes per hour and vessels loaded at up to 1,500 tonnes per hour.

Emerald is committed to offering fair access to its bulk grain facilities at Melbourne Port Terminal to all grain exporters.

Clients wishing to access our facilities must enter into a Storage and Handling Agreement.

The Port Loading Protocols provides information on how Emerald will allocate and provide ship loading services at Melbourne Port Terminal and how vessels will be managed for loading.

Emerald provides a number of flexible options to assist clients to instigate and monitor all aspects of the supply chain process via the following facilities explained in thehow to section below.

How to:

Step 1 View the Melbourne Port Terminal shipping stem.

Step 2 Advise our customer service team of your intent to ship via the Intent to Ship Form and pay the nomination fee.

Step 3 Advise our customer service team of your nomination details 21 days prior to loading via the following Vessel Nomination Form

Step 4 Advise our customer service team of your commodity accumulation requirements via a Site Accumulation Plan or Cargo Accumulation Plan (eg can be found in Port Loading Protocols).  Once approved all Commodity Receival Orders and Emerald Site to Site Movement Orders are to be entered through the online portal.    Contact to obtain login if required.

Step 5 Ensure that all receivals into the Emerald Grain network coming from on-farm storage have completed an Ex-Farm Grower Treatment Declaration Form and are able to present the form to weighbridge staff upon delivery.

Step 6 Monitor progress of your orders yourself via your secure login in to the service centre:

  • View stock position
  • View transaction movements against your orders

At any stage call our customer service team on 03 9274 8880 to discuss current or planned shipments or for assistance with any of the above options.